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When brand impact matters, use custom printed boxes.

Let your packaging make the first impression.

What is Boxes By Design?

Are you looking to create custom branded boxes? You’ve come to the right place. With Boxes by Design, you can order custom printed boxes in quantities as low as 50 and as large as you desire. Digital printing technology and an online editor makes it easy and affordable to design and order custom packaging and custom shipping boxes and have it printed in as little as 5-7 days. Our corrugated boxes are also completely recyclable – making them a smart choice, too.

Choose Your Style

Create your own branded packaging using one of our six customizable box styles.

E-comm Mailer

A popular, versatile solution for creating a stylish unboxing experience for your brand.

Select E-comm

Econo Mailer

A sturdy, mailable structure that keeps your brand impact big for products that are small.

Select Econo

Product Box

High-end product packaging for retail items of any kind.

Select Product

Self-Locking Folder

Easy to assemble. Ship flat items and showcase your brand on the large front-facing panels.

Select Folder


The smart, sturdy, superior solution for shipping larger products.

Select Shipper

How it Works

Just four easy steps to custom boxes. We bring the easy, you bring the inspiration.

1. Find Your Box

We offer five of the most common and versatile box styles and designs to make it easy to pick the perfect box for your custom packaging needs.

2. Pick Your Size

You might be tempted to go completely custom with your box size, but we find that our standard sizes work well for most customers. Go a little larger since most items can benefit from some filler for protection. This also makes our custom boxes more versatile if you’re buying for various needs.

3. Customize Your Art

Start with one of our design templates or create and upload a custom design of your own. We offer an easy-to-use online editor or offline design templates depending on your level of expertise.

4. Place Your Order

Jump right in and order your custom boxes if you’re a pro. But for everyone else, start with a proof order of one to be sure. Want it free?

Custom Design for Everyone

We make custom printed packaging easy. We offer customizable templates, customizable patterns, and the ability to upload branded logos and images. If you get stuck, we also have easy to understand tutorials, inspiration galleries, FAQs and, of course, great customer service. Start designing today!

Get Inspired

Need some ideas before getting started on your custom packaging project?
Check out some of our favorite custom printed boxes.

Why Us?

Low minimums, no maximums. 

Boxes By Design can print high quality custom printed boxes in quantities as low as 50! Pick the perfect box size, and we can print it. Boxes by Design is here to help everyone from the start-up entrepreneur looking to scale up to the well-established business with a niche need for custom printed boxes. Fair pricing for projects of all sizes. As your brand grows, we'll grow with you.

Gloss and Matte finishes. 

When you’re trying to decide between glossy and matte finish for your custom boxes, you should consider your product, brand image, and target audience. Ultimately, it's a balancing act between aesthetics, practicality, and the message you want to convey to your customer. You might also consider testing both finishes with a small audience or conducting market research to see which option resonates better with your audience.

Custom samples to try before you buy. 

Eyeball it, measure it, and then get a sample. While a good old-fashioned ruler can help quite a bit, there’s nothing quite like a sample box to be certain it’s going to fit. The sample (or proof) will help you figure out if your contents will fit. It’s also helpful to check the details of color, finish, and other box design elements.

About Boxes By Design

Our parent company,Complete Design & Packaging, has been making beautiful packaging since 2002. In 2023 we decided to go back to our start-up roots by introducing Boxes by Design. With changes in web and print technology we can now bring our amazing service and quality, but in smaller quantities, to anyone for an affordable price. So welcome to Boxes by Design, a start up 20+ years in the making.

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