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Graphic Submission Guidelines


  • Artwork must be at 100% on the correct print side of the sturcture provided. 
  • Layers within the graphic file should only have the approved graphics when submitted. 
  • Please remove all grpahic elements and layers that should not print.
  • Please save all files as CMYK


  • We require high resolution PDF files (We are not responsible for the clarity of any image with resolution lower than 150 PPI)
  • Linked files must be no lower than 180 dpi and at 100% size (see “Foot Notes” for definition)
  • Please Note: Small logos and text, regardless of resolution, will not hold details. Refer to Line Thickness Below.


  • Submit fonts as outlined fonts. 
  • For font limitations, please see “Figure 1”
  • Use thick fonts when printing negative fonts, so that it stays open and is easily read. With this in mind, it is also best to refrain from using serif fonts that could possibly fill in during the printing process in thinner areas of the font design. 
  • Images with text need to follow the size guidelines as well, or readability will be compromised.


  • Positive lines (a dark line on light background) needs to be no thinner than 1pt.
  • Negative lines ( a very light/white line on on dark backgrouds) prints best at a thickness of 2pts.


  • Vector art must be 100% black or if rasterized (Grayscale). Refer to line thickness above. 
  • If files are not 100% black or grayscale, we are not responsible for the scannability of barcode.


  • Bleeds are .25 (1/4”) off the outermost edge of the CAD, which inlcudes raster images. Please follow bleed instructions provided on the structure template.
  • Any text or images that are not meant to run off the edge of your final printed piece, need to be .25 (1/4”) away/inside from any cut or crease lines. 


  • If you need to match a color specifically, the best way to do that is to make the area a spot color or PANTONE/PMS color. (If printing on Kraft, colors that aren’t black will NOT be controllable)
  • The best way to see actual color is with a printed sample.
  • Unless its a one color gradient, For best results, do NOT make gradients spot colors.