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Most adhesives don't stick well to UV ink printed surfaces, so it's important to plan when purchasing tape and choosing a location for your shipping label. We recommend acrylic adhesive tape for any printed boxes. We do not recommend any specific brand over another - any tape that includes acrylic adhesive will do the trick. Storage tape or sealing tape in general is a step in the right direction, as they typically use an acrylic adhesive that withstands UV-light exposure and temperature fluctuations.

If you are shipping your boxes without any protective outer packaging, it's a good idea to leave a blank area on your box design so your shipping label has some unprinted material to stick to. Many customers get creative with this blank shipping label area and add a border or other design elements, so it looks intentional with or without a shipping label in place.

Our UV inks are not suitable for use in primary food packaging or direct food contact. They may be used for secondary food packaging applications but only when using an adequate primary food packaging material that serves as a migration barrier.

We don't have the ability to print metallics or foils, or White ink. We use digital CMYK printing processes -- this means all the color going onto your box is created using CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) inks. Typically, areas in your design that are white are areas that will not be printed, leaving the color of the box material you've chosen (brown or white) to show through in those places. If you would like white on your kraft box, we recommend using our faux kraft print so the white material shows through creating the white part of your design.

All box dimensions on our website are inner dimensions. (length x width x depth)

Our minimum order quantity is 50 boxes

We are happy to provide a custom quote for orders that exceed a quantity of 2500. Please click this link to submit one.

If you would like to use your own UPS or FexEx shipping account number for your order and you are not an ASI member, please message someone in the chat and/or email Contact@boxesbydesign.com after you have set up your Boxes By Design account. We will make sure that you are placed into the correct group to make this option possible for you.