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Self-Locking Folder

Easy to assemble. Ship flat items and showcase your brand on the large front-facing panels.

Product Details
Self-Locking Folder

What happens when you take a traditional one-piece folder and make it even better? The result is our self-locking one-piece folder. With just a few creases and no tape required to close your packaging, hand delivering gifts just got easier. With large front facing panels, you have plenty of real estate for custom branding potential and an unmatched unboxing experience. This is ideal for shipping or delivering flat items like books, diplomas, framed pictures, or art pieces. Create a special experience for your customers, family members, or friends with a custom designed package with one of our editable templates or a file that’s all your own.

  • 12x10x1.5
  • 16x12x2.25
  • 18x12x2.25
  • 20x16x4
  • custom sizes available
Custom Samples

To order a plain or custom printed sample, enter the qty of (1) in the "Quantity" window above. You may utilize our custom templates, or upload your own art! Once you receive your sample, return to this page and place your order for any quantity of (50) or greater.

IMPORTANT: Quantities from 2-49 are not considered production orders and are priced as samples.


We digitally print each custom box with UV ink. With this specialized technology and the full CMYK color gamut, you don't have to limit your creativity. Pick as many colors as you want or print a photographic image without any extra cost. The UV curing process ensures that your art won't crack, chip, or rub off. 

Our UV inks are not suitable for use in primary food packaging or direct food contact. They may be used for secondary food packaging applications but only when using an adequate primary food packaging material that serves as a migration barrier.


Our matte finish, printed on our bright white paper provides a beautiful flat finish for your art. Fine details and text will remain clear and your custom colors will be accurate.


If printing photographic images is important to your brand, choose our gloss finish, printed our bright white paper. The glossy effect will make your art pop! Areas with high color saturation will be shiny, contrasting with low-saturation or unprinted areas that will appear matte.


Choose brown paper inside and out if you are looking for an earthy or rugged appearance for your shipper. Dark colors print especially well, but please note that the accuracy of colors is not controllable when printed on a brown surface.


All custom boxes are manufactured and shipped from our HQ in Concord, NC. UPS ground shipping is our default. Your custom boxes are packed into an outer shipper and will weigh no more than 50 pounds each. All orders over 200 pounds or 10 individual shipping boxes will be palletized and shipped via UPS Freight unless specified in a message to a customer service representative.

You will receive a shipping notification when your order is being processed for shipping. Please allow 24 hours for the tracking number to populate your shipping information. Expedited shipping is available on the shipping calculator. If you require special shipping instructions such as blind shipping, a house UPS account, or an alternate shipping arrangement, please reach out to customers service to approve and process your request.

Production Time

Keeping you at the forefront of our minds, we strive to produce your product at the most productive speed possible. The production time is defined as the amount of time it takes from when you pay for your custom boxes, to the day it is ready to ship. Please note that our production schedule operates on business days.


Most adhesives don't stick well to UV ink printed surfaces, so it's important to plan when purchasing tape and choosing a location for your shipping label. We recommend acrylic adhesive tape for any printed boxes. We do not recommend any specific brand over another - any tape that includes acrylic adhesive will do the trick. Storage tape or sealing tape in general is a step in the right direction, as they typically use an acrylic adhesive that withstands UV-light exposure and temperature fluctuations.

If you are shipping your boxes without any protective outer packaging, it's a good idea to leave a blank area on your box design so your shipping label has unprinted material to stick to. Many customers get creative with this blank shipping label area and add a border or other design elements, so it looks intentional with or without a shipping label in place.

Product Guarantee

boxes x design is proud to partner with you, and we will take full responsibility for the production and quality of your custom printed boxes. For any issue that you have with the quality of your box, please review our terms and conditions page to assess our policy on reprints or refunds. As partners, we will expect our customers to take full responsibility for the quality and accuracy of the artwork itself. For absolute assurance that everything is exactly how you want it, we strongly recommend purchasing a sample before placing the full order.


Committing to sustainable business practices is extremely important to us at boxes x design. The vendors we purchase our corrugated material from are all FSC Certified, which ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits (https://us.fsc.org/en-us/certification). Additionally, all UV ink we use is certified recyclable. In a nutshell, all of the custom packaging we manufacture is 100% recyclable!