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Four Most Popular Uses For Custom Boxes

Posted on 10/5/2023

Four Most Popular Uses For Custom Boxes

Subscription Shipping Boxes

Repeatable revenue. Subscriptions impact the bottom line by giving businesses repeatable, dependable income. And chances are, if you look hard at your product offering, there is likely a subscription box opportunity waiting to be uncovered. The “unboxing” experience was made famous by subscription retail for good reason. The build-up to the unveil is a part of the overall brand experience.

Custom Boxes for Retail Packaging

Smart packaging protects the product, gives it an elegant, upscale feel, and helps you sell more products. A branded, customized box design can help you “kit” up similar products to create something with inherently more value. The big manufacturers have known this for years; now, the maker and the boutique owner can accomplish the same thing on a much more elegant and curated scale.

Kitting/Gifting Boxes

Promo industries understand the box’s value in kitting up a brand experience. For example, a trade show executive might send his customers an invitation to the booth, a printed lanyard, and exclusive VIP tickets to an after-hours event. That customer will surely stop by, say thank you, and talk business. Colleges and universities might send custom boxes to alumni and donors including the latest t-shirt, the team’s schedule poster, a custom lanyard, a parking pass to the game, and more.

E-commerce Shipping & Packaging

The science of in-person shopping has been researched for decades. Everything from the music, the smells, the layout, and the color palette influence the customer’s shopping experience. E-commerce businesses must do the same for their online shoppers. Like the high-end shopping bag with rope handles and custom tissue paper contrasts with flimsy grocery store plastic bags, how is your delivery packaging continuing your brand story? Custom boxes and custom packaging help you connect and stand out with your online customers. Selling without bricks and mortar does not mean selling without brand impact… it just comes in a different form.

This is not an exhaustive list of the many uses of custom box packaging, but these four are the four we see time and time again. Would you like us to feature your story in our customer stories section? We love supporting our client stories! Just shoot us an email and we’ll give you a call. We might just send you a little thank you for your trouble.

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