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Branded Boxes: Print Inside, Outside, or Both?

Posted on 10/5/2023

Branded Boxes: Print Inside, Outside, or Both?


The Case for Custom Printed Boxes

In today's competitive marketplace, the way a product is presented is an integral part of your customer's experience with your brand. Boxes are more than just containers; they're an important tool in capturing attention, elevating perceived value, and creating lasting brand impressions.

As consumers increasingly appreciate unique unboxing experiences, especially in the age of online shopping, a custom-printed, thoughtfully designed box can be the difference between a simple transaction and a memorable brand interaction. Investing in branded packaging helps differentiate your products and reinforces brand recognition.

Custom Box Printed Inside and Out

If you’re doing client or employee gifting, event swag, or other in-person events, a splash of color, along with a logo, on the outside of your box sets the tone and communicates to the recipient, “This is something special.” As your patrons leave your event, make them feel special with this significant gift. Sturdy, substantial packaging communicates a “substantial gift.” Special swag deserves a special box, not a flimsy bag.

You may be pulling out all the stops for a big corporate gift. Don’t hold back now. A fantastic gift deserves packaging that will impress. You will want to choose a box that opens from the top and has an “unveiling” effect. Perhaps you’re gifting your client a custom bottle of wine or an embroidered jacket; printing a special thank you message and image inside the box can add to the elegance.

Did you know? Personalized boxes have a longer shelf life. The customer keeps and reuses them because they have a higher perceived value. There’s value in branding the box to them and you. Having your brand in use around the house or office is a good thing!

Outside Only Custom Printed Boxes

Are you using custom branded boxes for retail? The impact you are looking for is on the outside. Grabbing the client’s eye for special offers, kits, or packaged items can help you sell more. But the inside of product boxes isn’t as important because you’re selling by eye. So don’t worry so much about the inside of the box and focus on the outside. In this case, add-ons you might consider are a premium gloss finish or PMS color matching. Packaging has got to be on point at the point of sale.

Law firms, wealth managers, and corporate offices often deliver high-value documents and binders to clients in a sturdy custom box. Maybe you want to impress with an elegant, printed mailer box that includes your logo, along with your law firm’s deep burgundy branding. Giving your clients an attractive custom box to transport their significant documents enhances the value of the contents, too.

Subscription boxes are famous for the unboxing “event” (Don’t know what we’re talking about? Type “unboxing” into YouTube and watch the time tick away). There’s a reason for that. They understand the drama of the unveiling. And that all starts with building anticipation at the first view of the box. From there, a top-open custom-printed box further creates drama. Once inside, the contents spill out and delight their passions. But it all started with custom shipping boxes.

Inside Only Custom Boxes

Some clients keep the outside of shipping boxes very plain (booo, porch pirates!) but still want to make a brand impact once the cover comes off. A plain shipping box with a beautiful interior can still help ensure a memorable unboxing experience. By branding the inside of the box and not the outside, you still have the effect of a box in a box without the waste or expense.

Custom Box Styles and Designs for your Custom Branded Boxes

Only you can decide what fits your business and project’s needs and budget. There is no question that a custom-printed box makes an impact; it’s just a matter of when and how.

Simple custom packaging translates to an enhanced brand experience. As more transactions move from retail to online, custom printed boxes can help create a memorable brand interaction and a unique unboxing experience.

To being with your own custom box design, choose from our selection of box styles to get started with our online design tool. From there you can choose printing options, add your logo and other custom design elements, and choose whether to print outside, inside, or both! Order custom printed boxes from Boxes by Design with low minimum and no maximum quantities.

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