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Scary Good Quality to Make Convention Killing

Posted on 2/6/2024

Scary Good Quality to Make Convention Killing

Vibrant Color and Custom Sizes That Will Make You Scream

When Tactical Sporting Goods was invited to participate in a Horror Convention, they knew they had to do something special.

“We did a very limited production Halloween style knife,” said owner Justin, “We knew we wanted a box that created the right message for the knife. It made a splash at the convention! Some of the original Halloween actors were even there! Everyone loved the knife, and the packaging set it all off.”

Justin worked with Kendall at Boxes by Design to create a custom-sized structure with a design that framed up the knife in the right way. Vibrant color, sturdy structure, and great customer service made a difference for Tactical Sporting Goods.

We started with this small run for the convention, but the product was of such high quality that we’ve started using Boxes by Design for more of our custom packaging needs. Our business is mostly e-commerce, and the right packaging makes a difference. It communicates to our customers the high quality of our products. We’ve tried boxes from other online custom box companies and even from China, and none came close to being the quality of these boxes.”

Tactical Sporting Goods looked around and even tried some of the other box companies, and now that they’ve found a good match with Boxes by Design, they’ve rebranded and are producing even more of their custom-printed, custom-sized boxes with the team here. "We are an e-commerce company; we understand the impact packaging has on our customer experience. It really makes all the difference."

Kendall, on our Boxes by Design team, loved helping Justin make this box come to life. "He was fun to work with, and our team loves helping customers make a killing. (pun intended). We can't wait to see what he comes up with for his next convention!

The science of in-person shopping has been researched for decades. Everything from the music, the smells, the layout, and the color palette influence the customer’s shopping experience. E-commerce businesses must do the same for their online shoppers. Like the high-end shopping bag with rope handles and custom tissue paper contrasts with flimsy grocery store plastic bags, how is your delivery packaging continuing your brand story? Custom boxes and custom packaging help you connect and stand out with your online customers. Selling without bricks and mortar does not mean selling without brand impact… it just comes in a different form.

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