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Ten Pillars of Custom Printed Packaging

Posted on 12/31/2023

Ten Pillars of Custom Printed Packaging

Custom Boxes for Branding and Visibility

Enhanced Brand Recognition: Custom packaging lets you prominently display your logo, brand colors, and messaging, increasing customer brand recognition. 

Unique Design: A branded box enables you to create unique and eye-catching designs that set your products apart from competitors on retail store shelves or mailed directly from online marketplaces.


Professional Appearance: Custom packaging adds a professional touch to your products, signaling quality and attention to detail—a good fit for professional firms.

Consistency: Custom boxes ensure a consistent look and feel across all your customer interactions, helping to reinforce your brand's identity. Branded boxes can help your brand come to life through physical touchpoints.

Custom Boxes for Marketing and Promotions

Information and Promotion: Custom-branded packaging can move beyond a beautiful impact by providing space for necessary product information, instructions, and promotional messages, helping you communicate with customers effectively.

Storytelling: Packaging can tell your brand’s story or convey a specific message to customers, creating a deeper connection.


Stand Out: Custom printed boxes allow you to create distinctive retail packaging that helps your products stand out in a crowded market. Or even create an exceptional product offering. For example, if you kit up a coffee mug, a bag of coffee beans, and tasty biscotti, you’ve made a giftable item with a higher margin AND higher customer value. Or would your new first-year university students love a t-shirt, lanyard, and map to get started? By packaging these items as a welcome package, you’ve already begun to build a solid relationship.

Targeted Audience: Tailor the packaging to appeal to your target audience’s preferences and interests. Look no further than the gift card kiosk for inspiration here. For that same $25, you can create packaging to say thank you, happy birthday, happy holidays, congratulations, best wishes. Could a gifting program benefit from a bit of customization? You bet.

Protection and Functionality

Product Protection: Custom packaging can be designed to fit your products perfectly, providing optimal protection during shipping and storage. Custom boxes are much sturdier than a flimsy custom poly mailer or free USPS mailer box. If the product has value, it deserves protection. 

Functional Design: To enhance usability, you can incorporate features like easy-open tabs, resealable closures, or handles. Boxes by Design offers several different box styles depending on your needs.


Eco-Friendly Packaging Options: Our custom printed shipping boxes are made from xx% post-consumer recyclable material – supporting your ESG initiatives, and it’s the right thing to do, too. Sustainability for the win. We are reducing single-use plastic waste one beautiful custom printed box at a time.

Reduced Waste: Because we offer custom sizes, shipping boxes can be designed to minimize excess material, reducing waste and environmental impact. And with low minimum quantities, you can order just what you need on demand. 

Enhanced Customer Experience

Unboxing Experience: Custom packaging can create a memorable unboxing experience, leaving a positive impression on customers. Building anticipation from the moment they spot it on their front step.

Increased Perceived Value: Well-designed packaging makes your products appear more valuable and premium to customers. The money spent on custom packaging with logos comes back to you in premium margins.

Competitive Advantage of Custom Packaging

Competitive Edge: Unique and attractive packaging can give you a competitive advantage, attracting more customers and retaining loyal ones. Should your interior design firm provide convenient boxes for customers carrying samples? Using the box to give the customer a way to carry them out and then an easy way to return the samples helps make their life easier.

Adaptability: Custom packaging can be adapted to changing market trends and customer preferences, keeping your brand relevant. If your subscription box aims to provide fashionable apparel and accessories to your customers, a custom box design can help set the tone for “on-trend” content. If they can see from the moment the package arrives that your brand style is all the rage, their satisfaction with the contents will grow.

Product Information and Safety

Compliance: Ensure that your packaging and printing complies with regulatory requirements and safety standards.

Clear Information: Clearly display essential product information, including ingredients, usage instructions, and safety warnings. We don’t recommend our packaging for food not in a food-grade wrapper. However, product usage, links to website instructions, and a get-started guide enhance the customer experience without needing additional paper or fulfillment.

Custom Printed Boxes

Tailored to Products: Custom printed box packaging can be specifically designed for each product in your lineup, ensuring a perfect fit and presentation.

Seasonal and Special Editions: Easily create custom packaging to boost sales during holidays or special events. Working with a local brewery or distillery, a custom batch in a custom box further communicates the “limited-time" offer.

Custom packaging can contribute to a strong brand presence, increased sales, improved customer loyalty, and a positive impact on the overall customer experience. Customized packaging is an investment that can yield long-term benefits for your business. Boxes by Design offers custom packaging solutions that can help your brand stand out, delight your customers, and keep them coming back for more.

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